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We would like to suggest visitors a way to enjoy Guadalajara with family, through different activities and cultural events all among the year. It is possible to visit Municipal Zoo and Environmental Workshop where children understand and value the importance of such wildlife recovery centres and the education work that modern zoos are committed to.

Family workshops and guided tours

With the free of charge family workshops, children and familys could be able to enchance knowledges about the city History and heritage, in a fun way. A great choice for Saturday.


Tourist map for children

There is a tourist map for children with city information. It includes stickers and other activities to learn by playing. More information in Tourism Management Municipal Office.

Municipal Zoo

Pedro Sanz Vázquez Avenue houses the Municipal Zoo, which almost eleven hectares in size. It offers excellent refuge and home to over forty species of wild birds. Special mention should be made of the Environmental Workshop, which can be found in the new habitats´ section of the zoo, built in the manner of a mountain refuge. Inside, several interactive panels, audiovisuals and displays of animal tracks and trails, help visitors to understand and value the importance of such wildlife recovery centnres. The zoo is equipped with picnic tables and children´s play areas.

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Espectacles for children at Buero Theatre

"Buero Vallejo" Theatre-Auditorium offers all among the year espectacles for children.


Last year, the Guadalajara City Council introduced a new cultural event for the whole family, CulturaMI, to be held in the Integrated Municipal Center. The initiative has got off to a splendid start with the stellar performance of the violinist Ara Malikian and "La Orquesta en el tejado". Other musical sessions were "Locos por el Pop", "Locos por bailar" o "Locos por Disney" by "La Orquesta de las esquinas". CulturaMI is an ongoing project that will offer a wide range of activities for young and old alike.

Other cultural events

There are a lot of cultural events which include special activities for children. The Book Fair, the Storytelling Marathon or Nights are for the Summertime are only a few examples of children´s programming. Check previously on cultural website.

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Establishments with children´s menu

Cruz Blanca, Dublin House, El Buen Vivir, El Cisne, El Corte Inglés, El Infantado (Hotel Tryp), Foster´s Hollywood, La Mafia, La Perla, Mandalay, Pedro, Star´s Café, Vip´s, Wang Ping Zhou, Yoqui.

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