Guadalajara Free


Guadalajara Free October


- Tenorio Mendocino--

30th and 31st.

7pm. Hostería del Laurel recreation

9pm. Representation


Francisco Sobrino Museum

October. Permanent exhibition SOBRINO PONDERADO. Guided tour: 27th of october at 11am.

From 7th. Temporal exhibition: "Derivaciones modulares". Carlos Evangelista.

"Guadalajara in History". Eduardo Guitián Municipal Integrated Center 

Guided tour: 11st of october at 11am.

Information and bookings: 949 247 050. 

Palace of El Infantado

October. "The origins of air traffic control. The pioneers of the spanish military aircraft engineers". Free admission on saturdays between 5 and 7pm and sundays between 10 and 12pm.

Buero Vallejo Theatre-Auditorium

From 13th to 31st. "Corpos". Drawings and sculptures of Raquel Alejandre.

--Buero Vallejo Centenary--

8th and 22nd. Themed tour: "Footsteps of Buero". Departure at 5pm from the palace of El Infantado

Information and bookings: 949887099

1st and 15th. Family workshop: "A hand-painted life". Convent of La Piedad. 12pm.

Information and bookings: 949887099

6th. "The skylight" . Dramatized reading. Modern Theatre, 8pm. Free admission with invitation.

13th. "The women of Buero". Dramatized reading. Modern Theatre, 8pm. Free admission with invitation.

20th. Life and work of Antonio Buero Vallejo. Colloquium. Moder Theatre, 8pm. Moderator: Carlos Buero Rodríguez, author´s son.

26th. Antonio Buero Vallejo and his poetry. Recital. Buero Vallejo Theatre Auditorium, 8pm. Free admission until complete seats.


From 6th to 16th. "África. The next door". Palace of El Infantado. Conferences, tastings, parades, crafts, ...

20th. "Archeology in Recópolis". Conference. Speaker: Lauro Olmo Enciso. Hall of the Museum of Guadalajara, 7,30pm.

19th. "Esquilache". Movie. Modern Theatre, 8pm. Free admission until complete seats.


  • Francisco Sobrino Museum
  • Co-cathedral of Santa María
  • Convent of La Piedad
  • Convent of San José
  • Church of San Nicolás (sepulcre)
  • Church of San Francisco
  • Palace of El Infantado-courtyard of Los Leones and gardens.
  • Provincial Museum and Infantado Rooms (inside the Palace of El Infantado), free entry on Sundays from 10am to 2pm, and from Tuesdays to Saturdays, from 5pm to 7pm.
  • Free entrance for under-twelves and students with Student ID Card for the buildings in the municipal art programme Guadalajara Abierta –Tower of Alvar Fáñez and Tower of El Alamín, Chapel of Luis Lucena, Palace of La Cotilla and Crypt of San Francisco-.

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