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Tower of El Alamín. 13th century

The tower and bridge of El Alamín in the east of the city constitute a site of special interest. El Alamín is a neighbourhood outside the city walls that from medieval times was on the other side of the district of the same name.

The bridge was built or rebuilt at the end of the 13th century by the Infanta Isabella, Lady of Guadalajara, and her sister Beatrix to permit the access to the convent of San Bernardo. The convent, which they themselves had founded, stood on the far side of the district. The tower that defends the bridge is built on a square base and has three floors topped by brick domes.

The Tower of El Alamín is home to a permanent exhibition on the medieval city. A model of the old city shows the defensive layout of the city, between two gullies, and the medieval street plan with narrow streets adapted to the contours of the land.


  • There is a steep ramp at the entry to the Tower.
  • Access to the upper floor is by spiral staircase only.

Tower and bridge of El Alamín 

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