Guided city tours


We recommend visitors a guided city tour in the company of an Official Tourist Guide to help you discover the secrets of the city as you visit some its most characteristic monuments: the Palace of El Infantado, Towers of Álvar Fáñez and Alamín, the Convent of La Piedad, the Palace of La Cotilla, the Chapel of Luis Lucena and the Church and Crypt of San Francisco.

Tour times

The guided tours are available from March to October, inclusive, every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays, at 11.30 am; from November to February, inclusive, every Saturday and Public Holidays, at 11.30 am, starting at the Tourist Management Municipal Office.

In addition, this service is offered every day during long weekends and periods of time that include a Public Holiday – Holy Week, Carnival Festivities and others-, regardless of the month of the year.

We recommend ask for more information in the Tourist Management Municipal Office.

For other dates, you can ask the Official Tourist Guides; contact information for them is available in Other Tourist Services section.

Price per person

5 € for adults (Guadalajara Card is included) and 2€ for under-twelves and students with student ID Card.


The tour lasts 2 - 2.30 hours approximately.


Tourist Management Municipal Office

  • Address:Glorieta Aviación Militar Española (next to Parque de La Huerta de San Antonio).
  • Telephone:949 887 099
  • Oficina de Gestión Turística Municipal
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