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  • 10th century bridge over the river Henares
    10th century bridge over the river HenaresCivil architectureThis bridge over the river Henares is one of the few examples of 10th century Arab engineering.Direction: Paseo de la Estación, s/n, Guadalajara.
  • Carmelite convent of San José
    Carmelite convent of San JoséReligious architectureClose to the co-cathedral of Santa María in calle Ingeniero Mariño is the Carmelite convent of San José, the building of which began in 1625 to the plans of the Carmelite architect Friar Alberto de la Madre de Dios.

    Free entry.
    Direction: C/ Ingeniero Mariño, 8, Guadalajara.Telephone: 679 141 667
  • Chapel of Luis de Lucena
    Chapel of Luis de LucenaFunerary architectureOne of the most interesting buildings in Guadalajara is on Cuesta de San Miguel, the hill that goes from Santa Maria to the city centre: the funeral chapel of Luis de Lucena.

    Entry ticket: 1€ (monument included in Guadalajara Card).
    Direction: Cuesta de San Miguel, s/n, Guadalajara.Telephone: 949 887 099
  • Church and Crypt of San Francisco
    Church and Crypt of San FranciscoFunerary architectureFrom the west side of Santo Domingo Square, Capitán Boixareu Rivera Street leads down Corcordia Park on the right; from the end of this street one can see the Fort of San Francisco.

    Church entry: free.

    Crypt entry ticket: 1€ (monument included in Guadalajara Card).
    Direction: Plaza de Bejanque, s/n, Guadalajara.Telephone: 949 887 099
  • Church of El Carmen
    Church of El CarmenReligious architectureFrom the south of plaza del Jardinillo, the road leads by the right to the plaza and church of El Carmen. The church was once part of the convent of Los Santos Reyes de la Epifanía (Holy Kings of the Epiphany), of the discalced Carmelites, and today is a Franciscan friary.

    Free entry.
    Direction: Plaza del Carmen, 1, Guadalajara.Telephone: 949 225 694
  • Church of Los Remedios
    Church of Los RemediosReligious architectureThe church of los Remedios stands in plaza de los Caídos en la Guerra Civil (The Fallen in the Civil War).Direction: Plaza de los Caídos, s/n, Guadalajara.Telephone: 918 854 000
  • Church of San Gil
    Church of San GilReligious architectureArco Passage leads out of the south end of the main square left to plaza del Concejo, where the ruins of the old church of San Gil stand.Direction: Plaza del Concejo, s/n, Guadalajara.
  • Church of San Ginés
    Church of San GinésReligious architectureSouth of the old city centre of Guadalajara is plaza de Santo Domingo. Today Santo Domingo is the centre of the city, though in olden times it stood outside the city walls and was known as the plaza del Mercado (the Market Place).

    Free entry.
    Direction: Plaza de Santo Domingo, s/n, Guadalajara.Telephone: 949 220 195
  • Church of San Nicolás
    Church of San NicolásReligious architecturePlaza del Jardinillo (Small Garden) at the top of calle Mayor is one of best loved corners of Guadalajara, a favourite with the children who play around the 16th century statue of Neptune.

    Free entry.
    Direction: C/ Mayor, 21, Guadalajara.Telephone: 949 212 070
  • Church of Santa María Micaela
    Church of Santa María MicaelaReligious architectureOf the Foundation of the Countess of la Vega del Pozo, the parish church of Santa María Micaela stands out. The main fašade of the church gives no hint to the visitor of the splendid interior.

    Free entry.
    Direction: Avenida de Santa María Micaela, s/n, Guadalajara.Telephone: 949 230 433
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