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Church of Los Remedios

Church of Los Remedios

Religious architecture

Opening hours: Outside panoramic view (Paraninfo de la Universidad de Alcalá de Henares).

Direction: Plaza de los Caídos, s/n, Guadalajara.

Telephone: 918 854 000

Web: Visit the website

The church of los Remedios stands in plaza de los Caídos en la Guerra Civil (The Fallen in the Civil War).

This renaissance church has recently been restored and converted as a Music Auditorio.

It was once part of the convent of the College of the Doncellas de Nuestra Señora del Remedio (Handmaidens of Our Lady of Los Remedios), run by the nuns of the Order of St Jerome.

One of the best features of the church, work on which began in 1573, is the composition of the vestibule, which is ade up of three large Gothic arches.


  • Panoramic view.
  • Access route without difficulties.

How to get there

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