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Church of Santa María Micaela

Church of Santa María Micaela

Religious architecture

Opening hours: Sundays. It depends of religious services

Direction: Avenida de Santa María Micaela, s/n, Guadalajara.

Telephone: 949 230 433

Of the Foundation of the Countess of la Vega del Pozo, the parish church of Santa María Micaela stands out. The main façade of the church gives no hint to the visitor of the splendid interior.

Free entry.

A masterpiece of Velázquez Bosco, the church has a single nave with three levels. The mudejar style dominates in the plaster decoration and coffered ceiling. The church boasts an eye-catching choir arch that combines renaissance, islamic and mudejar elements.

One of the best outings in the city is without doubt a visit that takes in the mausoleum, the Foundation of the Countess, this small church and finally the Paseo de San Roque.


Outside route without difficulties.

How to get there

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