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Palace of the Countess of La Vega del Pozo

Palace of the Countess of La Vega del Pozo

Civil architecture

Opening hours: Outside panoramic view (school centre).

Direction: C/ Pedro Pascual, 2, Guadalajara.

Telephone: 949 220 697

The route from the Chapel of Luis de Lucena up cuesta de San Miguel, leads to plaza Beladíez, behind the Provincial Council Building.

The Palace of the Countess of La Vega del Pozo and the adjoining chapel of San Sebastián, today a school run by the Marist Brothers, are in the south part of the square.

The palace and chapel are well preserved today thanks to the intervention around 1887 of the architect Ricardo Velázquez Bosco, who reformed and extended an old building. The complex is a fine example of the stunning eclectic style of his work. Especially notable is the tower of the chapel and its façade, crowned by a magnificent relief representing the martyrdom of St Sebastian.

The patio of the original building, built in the 16th century in the Alcarria renaissance style, is preserved in the main building.

From plaza Beladíez, calle San Esteban leads to a neighbourhood of narrow streets whose medieval layout follows the line of the old city wall.


  • Panoramic view.
  • Outside route without difficulties.

How to get there

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