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Guadalajara is a city with an architectural heritage of great historical value. Its privileged location, its fine transport network of communications and dynamic cultural life, make it easy to enjoy the various leisure and cultural events, all among the year.

Since its opening, over ten years ago, the "Buero Vallejo" Theatre-Auditorium has been a major centre for cultural activities in the city. Each season brings shows of different genres and hosts the best theatre and dance companies.

Tale Marathon
The Virgin de la Antigua, patron saint of the city
Holy week
 Folk solstice
Tenorio Mendocino


Carnival, Holy Week, Corpus Christi

Three of the most popular celebrations take place between the months of February and June: Carnival, with its spectacular parades rounded off magnificently by the Burial of the Sardine; Holy Week, with its solemn celebration of religious feeling, art and tradition, declared a Regional Tourist Attraction; and Corpus Christi, celebrated with the procession of the Confraternity of the Apostles, whose origins date back to the 15th century.

"As if by Magic" Magic Festival

In the first half of February, Guadalajara turns into a capital of magic. This festival, celebrated in the "Buero Vallejo" Theatre-Auditorium, introduces the latest shows and skills of world-famed magicians of all nationalities.

The Book Fair

Towards the middle of May, the centre of the city, is the setting for the Guadalajara Book Fair. Booksellers, publishers and Cultural Foundations offer a wide range of publications covering all the genres. It´s a not-to-be-missed occasion for authors, poets and other artists.

Storytelling Marathon

The Storytelling Marathon, designed for people of all ages, is one of the city´s best loved events, well-known both at home and abroad. During the weekend of the event, in June, storytellers from round the world, local storytellers and spur-of-the-moment participants, fill the Palace of El Infantado, official headquarters of the Marathon, to the delight of the audience.

A serious of fringe activities are organized during the event, including guided tours, street music, flea markets, concerts and stage performances at monuments around the city.

Folk Solstice

In June, coinciding with the arrival of the Summer, the Folk Solstice Festival is held in the San Roque Park. The festival attracts internationally acclaimed groups and singers to welcome summer time.

Nights are for the Summertime

With the arrival of the good weather, culture takes to the streets, parks and emblematic spaces in Guadalajara. The cultural programme "Nights are for the summertime" includes all-style music and dance performances, comedy monologues, theatre shows, and puppets for the younger ones.

Mindnight Verses

In July, the surrounds of the Church of El Carmen become the stage for Midnight Verses, a yearly poetry reading event supported by the poets of the region.

Fairs and Feasts

On the 8th September, Guadalajara celebrates one of the major feasts of the year. The solemn procession of Our Lady of La Antigua, Patron of the City, marks the beginning of the vibrant line up of events: bull runs and bullfights, musical performances, sporting and cultural events, parades and Charanga marching bands, that animate the city streets.

Tenorio Mendocino

Tenorio was declared a Regional Tourist Attraction, and it is one of the most popular and highly anticipated events in Guadalajara. On the Eve of All Saints, the theatre group "Gentes de Guadalajara" perform selected scenes from Don Juan Tenorio. The scenes are staged at emblematic medieval buildings from the times of the Mendoza family.

Sacred Art Evenings

The Sacred Art Evenings, celebrated during the month of November, combines music, art and religious feeling in some of the most symbolic churches of Alcarrian heritage. Leading soloists, groups and choirs participate in these evenings, winning new adepts to sacred music with every concert they give.

Jazz at Moderno Theatre

The new cycle, celebrated in the "Moderno" Theatre, completes the diverse programme of cultural and musical events in the city. A careful selection of soloists and groups, affordable prices, plus a warm and friendly venue have made the event an attractive option for jazz fans everywhere.

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