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Gastronomic events

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Guadalajara offers a huge variety of gastronomic events all among the year.

Gastronomic Secrets

Coinciding with the most important events of the cultural year, the city council promoted this gastronomic event that blends gastronomy, culture, heritage and history. The "Secrets" is organized in Spring and Autumn, in conjunction with important events as the "Tenorio Mendocino" or the Art Sacred Evenings, and with the programming at the "Buero Vallejo" Theatre-Auditorium.

The visitors may simple both traditional dishes and new cuisine at the participating restaurantes, enjoying special menus for the ocassion. The prices special too, 25 euros per person. In adittion, visitors will obtain a present as gastronomic event souvenir.

Gastronomy Contests

The main objective of these contests is promote the Alcarrian cuisine, its products and its typical raw ingredients, making them an important element of the culture and the costumes of our city.

These contests are inteded for tourism professionals and personnel of the different establishments of Guadalajara. Those who have an option to different and important awards during the past years.

Gastronomy contest winners

  • "Álvar Fáñez, el caballero y las estrellas" (2014): El Corte Inglés
  • "Palacio del Infantado, ¡de Guadalajara al Mundo!" (2016): Aurum Gastrobar
  • "Torrijas" (2017): Diego´s (traditional form)
  • "Torrijas" (2017): El Corte Inglés (modern form)

Some of these "pinchos" or desserts have been commercialised for all the publics.

Tapa´s Route

Visitors can enjoy the different editions of this gastronomic route, "1 tapa, 1,20 euros", with a lot of proposals to suite everyone´s tastes, prepared by the collaborating establishments.

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