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Tower of Alvar Fáñez

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Torreón de Alvar Fánez Tower of Alvar Fáñez. 14th century

The name of this tower recalls the legend of the reconquest of Guadalajara by Alvar Fáñez de Minaya in 1085.

It is a pentagonal tower, probably built in the 14th century, and defended one of the city gates, known as the Puerta de la Feria (Gate of the Fair) or the Cristo de la Feria (the Christ of the Fair). Its rear side is open so that the enemy would be unable to use it as a stronghold in the event of capturing it.

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  • Access to the ground floor without difficulties.
  • The way down to the lower floor is on a slope, creating difficulties for the disabled (access to the Park of La Huerta de San Antonio).

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